after care

1 Leave the bandage on overnight

No peeking! You're going to have it forever, there's no rush. Also change your sheets and put on clean clothes.

2 Remove bandage in the morning

Wash you grubby mitts first! Do not re-apply your bandage.

3 Thoroughly wash your tattoo

Get in the shower and wash the tattoo until all the gooey, shiny stuff is gone. It should feel like normal skin under your hand. Using very hot water and even a washcloth for the first wash may hurt, but is very effective. Pat dry.

4 Keep it clean and dry

If any plasma wells up to the surface, first wash your hands and then wash off the tattoo and pat it dry. If you get stuck to your clothing, do NOT rip it off, SOAK it off. Don't let people touch it. Wear clean clothes over it. Don't go swimming or hot tubbing or mud wrestling or do anything else that would interfere with your healing process.

5 Apply moisturizer sparingly

Only once your tattoo is starting to get dry and flaky should you begin to apply moisturizer. This will be a couple day into healing. Use un-scented, mild lotion and NOT petroleum or antibiotics.

6 Do not pick at it

You are very likely to pick out pigment, thus making a mess of your tattoo. You could also give yourself an infection.

7 Do not follow friends' advice

Call the shop if you have any concerns: 705.324.8484

8 Use sunscreen once healed

This will prolong the life of your tattoo and lessen fading. Not to mention, help prevent skin cancer.

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