Kent Street Tattoo opened for business in November of 2013 and is home to the tattoo works of Corrie Worden and her apprentice Ainsley Worsley

We know not everyone wants to book their tattoo appointment months in advance so we always try and keep time open for walk ins. We have lots of pre-drawn designs available or we can work from your reference and draw something up just for you.

Corrie grew up here in lovely Lindsay, ON and after a decade in the big city of Toronto and a brief stop in Tweed she settled with her family back home. Having worked in several shops in Toronto including Tat-a-Rama and King of Fools she is mostly self taught with words of wisdom from many fantastic artists along the way. She enjoys all styles of tattooing especially traditional and black and grey as well as her kids and life on the farm.

Ryan is the shop manager and chief animal wrangler on the home farm. His days are spent updating the shops social media accounts, tending to farm chores and generally making sure everything runs smoothly. Since his first job at a tattoo shop in the 90’s he has honed his skills and brings his own special brand of customer service to Kent Street Tattoo 🙂

At a whopping 5 feet tall, Ainsley requires a step stool for pretty much everything. Also born and raised in Lindsay, ON she began drawing as soon as she could figure out how to hold a pencil. Getting her first piercing at 16, she had become inspired by the world of body modifications. After completing her highschool co-op placement at Kent Street Tattoo, and close to 2 years hanging around the shop Ainsley was offered an apprenticeship. She spends all her free time honing her skills and you can find her at the shop tattooing, painting flash and drawing.


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    • Our hourly rate is $150 so it would depend on what size you wanted them done. Your best bet would be to stop by the shop so we can discuss your idea in person.

  1. I know your rate is $150/h. So my next question is how Long would it take for a cross to be done on my shoulder?, just an estimate would be great.

    • Hey Isaiah it is next to impossible to provide a quote online. It is always best if you can come the shop so we can chat in person.

  2. Hey guys! Lived in Lindsay my whole life always wanted to stop in just never had the time.
    Love your lettering and will be in to make an appointment on Saturday, or if your not busy get the tattoo this Saturday.
    Are you guys all booked up this weekend? And what are you hours??

  3. Are you ever open Monday or Tuesday and are u open later then 4 me and my friend were interest in coming in but work till 330

    • We are not currently open on Mondays and Tuesdays but we are open later on Saturdays if you’d like to stop by.

    • It really depends on how much drawing is required and what your availability is. Its always best if you stop by the shop in person so we can discuss your ideas and find a time that works.

  4. Hi, I was wondering how you felt about touching up another artists work. Normally I’d return to the artist themselves but unfortunately they have moved shops and I can’t track them down. I had a little bit of a rough heal and it’s an older tattoo but one of my favourites and would like to see stand out again.

    • Hey Kate. It is always best if you stop by the shop in person so we can have a look at what you currently have and discuss your options for sprucing it up for you.

  5. Looking to book a 3 generation tattoo with my mother and daughter and myself it will be a small quote or photo any idea when I can come in?

    • We are open Wednesday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and Saturdays from 11am until 5pm. Stop by any time and we can discuss your ideas and find an appointment time for you.

  6. Hello, I would like to come in tomorrow (mom aug 13th and get a tattoo… just a word under my collar bone on the left side.

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